Faculty & Staff

School faculty and staff are listed below with the grade level and/or position held.  If the staff member has a website, the link will be listed to the right.
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NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsite
NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsite
Adriana Morris armorris@burke.k12.nc.us School Social Worker  
Andrea Bradshaw abradshaw@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria Manager  
Angela Butler awbutler@burke.k12.nc.us Computer Assistant  
Barbara Lolli blolli@burke.k12.nc.us Data Manager  
Barbara Stewart bstewart@burke.k12.nc.us Title I Reading Teacher  
Bethany Phelps bphelps@burke.k12.nc.us School Counselor Counselor Connections 
Brian Jeffry Brickman bbrickman@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Carol Odell codell@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Cassandra Caldwell ccaldwell@burke.k12.nc.us​ Assistant Principal  
Cathy Danford cdanford@burke.k12.nc.us Exceptional Children  
Christine Tew csnow@burke.k12.nc.us Media Coordinator Media Center Website 
Connie Fox cfox@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
Crystal Randall crandall@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade Teacher  
Cynthia Keys cindykeys55@yahoo.com Cafeteria Worker  
Cynthia Rios crios@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
David Icard dicard@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade Teacher  
Debbie Cooper dlcooper@burke.k12.nc.us Administrative Assistant  
Elizabeth Pearson epearson@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade Teacher  
Elizabeth Rowe elizabethrowe@burke.k12.nc.us Speech Pathologist  
Ellen Gant egant@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
Emily Towery etowery@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
Gregory Lail glail@burke.k12.nc.us 5th Grade Teacher  
Gwendolyn Epley gepley@burke.k12.nc.us 4th Grade Teacher  
Jannie Ingram jingram@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Assistant  
Jill Rocco jbeshears@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
Jonathan Wilkie sar6631@yahoo.com School Safety Officer  
Karen Phillips kphillips@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade Teacher  
Kelly Sizemore ksizemore@burke.k12.nc.us Pre K Teacher  
Kim Lane kglover@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Assistant  
Laurel Kayga lmorris@burke.k12.nc.us 1st Grade Teacher  
Lora Austin laustin@burke.k12.nc.us Principal  
Lori Ann Prevette lprevette@burke.k12.nc.us 4th Grade Teacher  
Lynn Mull lamull@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade Teacher  
Martha Jump mjump@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Assistant  
MaryJo Goans mgoans@burke.k12.nc.uc Kindergarten Assistant  
Mee Ly mly@burke.k12.nc.us ELL Assistant  
Melody Poteat melodypoteat@burke.k12.nc.us Pre K Teacher  
Miranda Winters mwinters@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade Teacher  
Pamela Carlisle pcarlisle@burke.k12.nc.us Pre K Assistant  
Penny Wiseman pwiseman@burke.k12.nc.us 2nd Grade Teacher  
Rebecca Thomas rthomas@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade Teacher  
Rebia Horton rhorton@burke.k12.nc.us Pre K Assistant  
Regina Schmidt rschmidt@burke.k12.nc.us ELL Teacher  
Richard Isaac risaacjr@burke.k12.nc.us Physical Education Teacher  
Sondra Conley sconley@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade Teacher  
Tamber Duvall tduvall@burke.k12.nc.us 3rd Grade Teacher  
Tanya Matthews tmatthews@burke.k12.nc.us 2nd Grade Teacher  
Timothy Dula tdula@burke.k12.nc.us 2nd Grade Teacher  
Tonya Kiser tkiser@burke.k12.nc.us School Nurse  
Tracy Crawley tcrawley@burke.k12.nc.us 4th Grade Teacher  
Valerie Coffey vcoffey@burke.k12.nc.us Music  
Showing 51 items