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Indoor Soccer Schedules Available On-Line

posted Feb 14, 2017, 10:25 PM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated ]

Indoor Soccer Games will be held from Saturday, February 18th through Saturday April 8th at various gymnasiums around the county...  

Volunteer Schedule for WJMS games 

School Days According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

posted Jan 26, 2017, 8:16 AM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Feb 22, 2017, 7:23 AM ]

HumphreyClick on links below to open activities for each chapter 

Chapter 1
Chapter 13 
  • Use Google drawing to show what Og and Humphrey have to say
  • Use the following pictures and create a Chatterpix video showing what Og and Humphrey want to share with us about their adventures in Room 26.  Make sure and send your video to me on Seesaw... here are some photos you can save by doing a screenshot with your iPad and then adding from your photo library in Chatterpix

Scholastic Book Fair: Dec 5th - 9th

posted Dec 6, 2016, 3:40 AM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Dec 6, 2016, 3:43 AM ]

Shop online November 30th - Dec 13th 

Free shipping to the school following the book fair... If you purchase Christmas present let Mrs. Tew know not to send them home with the students!! 

Hour of Code

posted Dec 1, 2016, 7:38 AM by Christine Snow-Weaver

Try out some activities to learn more about coding...

Battle of the Books Team 2016

posted Oct 21, 2016, 7:36 PM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Oct 21, 2016, 7:37 PM ]

Mountain Crest Battle of the Books Team begins holding practice sessions... more information below

MCES Athletic Association - Basketball Signups...

posted Sep 20, 2016, 2:55 PM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Sep 24, 2016, 3:17 PM ]

Suscripciones de Basketball

$25 por estudiante

Jueves, Sept. 22 from 4:30-8:00pm

Martes, Sept. 27 from 6:00-8:00pm

Prácticas probablemente comenzará el 1 de Noviembre. Los entrenadores se pondrá en contacto con los jugadores antes de empezar las prácticas.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Try Your Hand at Quizlet & Quizlet Live

posted Sep 6, 2016, 5:11 AM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Sep 6, 2016, 5:15 AM ]

Last week in class with Mrs. Logan, students heard the book How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mark Teague.  
Practice some of the vocabulary words from this text by visiting 

Play with your class to show mastery of these terms... 

Open House for 2016-2017 School Year

posted Jul 26, 2016, 1:21 PM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Aug 12, 2016, 11:46 AM ]

Open House Thursday, August 25th 4:30-6:30pm
The icee man will be here selling icees for $2.00 each ... money raised to support school projects

Assistant Principal, Lisa Daye Joins Faculty at MCES

posted Jul 21, 2016, 4:09 PM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Jul 21, 2016, 4:09 PM ]

We would like to welcome Lisa Daye as our new assistant principal here at Mountain Crest Elementary School.  

Here is a message for the MCES family and friends... 

I am so excited to be joining the wonderful staff at Mountain Crest Elementary School this year. Originally from McDowell County, I joined BCPS in 2013 as an assistant principal at Freedom High School.  I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UNC Asheville. My background (MA. ED) is in School Counseling from Western Carolina University. I received my add-on certification for Administration from Appalachian State University. I am a National Certified Counselor and a National Certified School Counselor.  I was a member of the General Assembly's North Carolina Dropout Prevention Committee through its tenure.  I love traveling, cooking and spending time outdoors. I am looking forward to becoming a part of the MCES family! 

2016 School Supply Lists

posted Jul 14, 2016, 9:51 PM by Christine Snow-Weaver   [ updated Jul 14, 2016, 9:52 PM ]

The upcoming year's school supply lists can be accessed at School Supply Lists


201 Tennessee Street, Morganton, NC



Book Bag, Pencils, Pencil Box, Crayons

Scissors & Glue Sticks, Play-Doh, Magic Markers

2 Binders/Notebooks (3-ring, 1 inch wide) & 1 Spiral/Composition book

Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Wipes, Paper Plates

Kleenex, Paper Towels & Ziploc Baggies

1st Grade

Book Bag, Pencils & Erasers

Scissors & Glue Sticks

Crayons & Pencil Box

2 Composition Books

2 Pocket Folders & 1 pack of Computer Paper

1 Binder/Notebook (3-ring, 2 inch size with pockets)

Kleenex, Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Ziploc Baggies (quart or gallon sizes)

2nd Grade

#2 pencils and small pencil box

1 pack pink erasers or pencil top erasers

(6) glue sticks, Scissors,(2) packs crayons

Backpack,1 colorful folder with 3 holes

  1. 2 inch 3 ring binder/notebook

3 pocket folder, (1red, 1 yellow, 1 green)

(4) black and white marbled Composition  notebooks

Kleenex,hand sanitizer,baby wipes,

Ziploc baggies ( gallon or quart sized)

3rd Grade

Book Bag, Pencils, Erasers & Crayons

Colored Pencils & Highlighters

A  zippered Pencil Pouch & Scissors

4 Glue Sticks & a pack of 3 x 5 Index Cards

1 Binder/Notebook (1½ inch wide)

1 pack of Notebook Paper

4 Composition Books ( no spiral please)

5 two-pocket Folders without prongs

Headphones (earbuds) for Macbook Computers

Quart size Ziploc Baggies & Kleenex

Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

4th Grade

Book Bag, 24 Pencils & 4 or 5 large Erasers

Scissors (sized for your child)

5 Glue Sticks, Highlighters, Markers, Crayons,

Colored Pencils ,4 Composition books

5 different colored 2-pocket folders with prongs

  2 packs of wide ruled Notebook Paper, One Pack Computer Paper, Red Heavy Duty Plastic Folder

1 Binders/Notebooks (3-ring, 1 or 1½ inches wide)

Headphones (earbuds) for MacBook Computers

Kleenex, Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer, Ziplock Bags

5th Grade

Book Bag, Pencils, Erasers,

Colored Pencils, Red Pens, Scissors & Highlighters

Notebook Paper (3-ring binders not needed)

Pouch to store pencils, pens & highlighters

5 Composition books for Journals

10 Pocket Folders-2 of each of the following colors:

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & Orange

Headphones (earbuds) for MacBook Computers

Kleenex, Disinfectant Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

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