2015-2016 Cookie Dough Fundraiser

posted Dec 4, 2015, 7:43 AM by Christine Snow
 2015-2016 Fundelites Cookie Dough Fundraiser  
by Kylie Price & Miracle Robinson

     There were 57 students that participated this year's cookie dough fundraiser at Mountain Crest Elementary School and all of them sold over $6,000 worth of Fundelites products.  We also received two monetary donations to help with our fundraising efforts, making a total of $2,495.60 profit for our school.      

        The "Limo Lunch" teacher winner with the highest cookie dough sales in her classroom was Laurel Kayga.  Now the students with the highest cookie dough sales were Harley M, Dalashia L., Joslyn G, and Katie L.S.  
     The limo ride and lunch took place on Tuesday, November 24th from 11:30am-1:00pm with Platinum Limousines.  The driver's name was Jamie.  The group went to eat at McDonald's and drove around through town to look at different things.  
     The kids who went said that they think people who were looking thought they were famous people driving by in a limo.  The kids were most excited thing about the day was riding around in the limo.