Bright Ideas Grant for MCES Media Center- eBooks for Elementary Readers

posted Nov 20, 2015, 3:51 AM by Christine Snow   [ updated Nov 20, 2015, 6:10 AM ]

    Jeff Brittain presents Mountain Crest Elementary School with a check from Rutherford EMC as part of the Bright Ideas Grant Program through North Carolina's Electric Cooperatives.   These grant funds will be used to purchase quality ebooks on our Nook readers for this year’s Battle of the Books competition, as well as for other students to read for years to come,  The grant was submitted by our Battle of the Books sponsors... Christine Tew, Lynn Mull, Liz Pearson, and NancyLynn Sharpless.  

     Our school received Nooks as a gift from a candidate for Miss North Carolina in 2014 to provide our students access to e-readers they might not get any other way.  Our annual media budget is rather limited and is not be enough to cover the cost to add the titles needed for the annual Battle of the Books competition. 

      With multiple copies of these titles, we can provide high quality literature in an e-book format and allow us to develop a rich collection of titles that will be available to students for years to come.  The majority of titles used for this competition tend to be used again every 3 to 4 years… so money spent on titles this year, will continue to used for future Battle of the Books teams, small reading groups, as well as for independent self-selected reading. 

      E-Books on multiple Nooks, allows students to work cooperatively to develop a love for reading, but also allows for instruction on how the Nooks work.  The use of e-readers like Nooks by our students, allows us to address one of the Essential Standards for Information and Technology… Use a variety of technology tools to gather data and information (Web-based resources, e-books, online communication tools, etc.).

      By continuing to add to our e-book collection, as well as adding access to other online databases, we hope to better prepare our students for the technological world in which we live.  Even though about half of our students have Internet access in their homes, they are often not allowed to go online and/or do not utilize the Internet for academic/intellectual uses on their own.  By sharing various electronic resources like e-books on our Nooks, as well as other online resources, we feel students are more likely to make use of these resources now, as well as when they are older.  

       Our Battle of the Books Team will be the first to use the e-books we purchase with these grant funds.  Students will be assigned a Nook to read with between September and March.  They will be encouraged to read as many of the 17 titles as possible for this year’s competition.  Following this year’s competition, other interested students and teachers can begin to borrow the Nooks loaded with the titles purchased this year, either on their own, for self selected reading, or with small group instruction.  We were fortunate to have 28 Nooks given to us and plan to load titles for the Battle of the Books each year on an alternating set 14 of Nooks, so that last year’s titles are now available to use by other students while new titles are used for competition.  

       We greatly appreciate receiving these grant funds as part of the Bright Ideas Grant from The North Carolina's Electric Cooperatives!